the power of creativity

The Power of Creativity

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When we use our creativity – and yes, we all have it – and get into that state we like to call ‘flow’ it opens new synapses in your brain, reduces anxiety, boosts your mood, and even slows your heart rate.
It’s not just being in flow or ‘peak state’ that helps your happiness. Repetitive creative motions like knitting, drawing, or writing help activate flow, and are all tasks that create a result. And when you succeed at creating a result, no matter what it is, your brain gets a hit of dopamine, that magical feel-good chemical that actually helps motivate you. Whether or not you’re aware of your increased happiness, the high you get after being in flow will drive and influence you toward similar behavior.

So take photos, get your paints out, tell stories, bake, get out in the garden and plant something, write in your journal, write a poem, knit a scarf, draw a picture, arrange your underwear in colour co-ordinated stacks. And remember, there are no rules.

Let creativity do its mood-boosting magic on your brain.

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