"Cat, what insight, what love and warmth! I am sitting here filled up with emotion, your observations and gentle suggestions are inspiring and focused. I feel gratitude for the time you have taken to do this. You demonstrate what a natural coach you are, you know when you come from the heart you are serving us all and you will be phenomenal! I will sit with your words and focus on my vision. Love, gratitude and respect."


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support and continuing to check in and re- engage me in the process I've thoroughly enjoyed this process. It does sound cliche to say it has changed my life, but I do genuinely feel better about who I am and what I can achieve. So a huge thank you to you. I do feel like I've really learnt a lot from you."


"I did want to thank you for the depth of your comments and your ability to really be present. It took the AltMBA experience to a new level. I would say your super power is making people feel seen. It is a wonderful gift and I really appreciate you sharing it with me."


"Cat, You have hit the nail squarely on the head with what you see in me. I do feel like I am finally doing what I am meant to be doing and yes, my vision is getting clearer, bigger and brighter by the day. It’s getting to the point where I can touch, taste and feel it. It’s electric! I will take your advice and write this down too as you’re right, this feeling is going to be a powerful reminder as and when it gets bumpy. I would love your help in telling my story. That would truly be wonderful!
Thank you for your magic eye Cat. You are so gifted at ‘seeing’ people."


"Thank you for your energy and kindness. You are a fantastic, full hearted and mindful coach. Perhaps more than you realise."


"Cat this is so so beautiful and so insightful. It actually brought a tear to my eye reading your words.... but a happy tear! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. The fact that you have run your own business I think is also a huge asset for people you work with. Because for most of us it means ups, downs, lessons learnt the hard way, practical solutions over textbook theory....it gives you empathy and understanding of the challenges people face."