Hidden Gems

“I trade in the stories behind the pieces and can help you to create personal pieces that carry with them the sentiments that make life so much more meaningful.”

Jewellery, for me, is all about connection.

It’s often the tangible expression of the universal language of love and friendship. I wear pieces that tell parts of my story, those important milestones or connections to those I hold most dear in life. I love to create pieces that do the same for you.


Getting to hear your story and making a piece that is as unique as you are is why I do what I do. A gift that comes along with a few special words can make it so much more meaningful so I encourage you write that love letter to go along with it.


When working directly with a client on a bespoke, commissioned piece, I always try to remain true to my deepest artistic motivation that less is often so much more and to let the natural beauty of the stones shine through. My aim is to work with you to create unique, personal, wearable pieces that will be cherished now and maybe passed on down the generations because they have a story to tell.


My signature piece is the ‘Unity Circle’.

Circles are symbolic of union and connection in so many ways. A celebration of the power of connection and a reminder of the things we hold most dearly to us, this pendant is a favourite with everyone who seeks out unity, inclusion and harmony in life.

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